A team of smart & passionate creatives

Dinesh Desamsetty

Specialist, Vernacular Content

Rajesh Mudavath
Rajesh Mudavath


Vikram Marije
Vikram Marije

Manager, Video Production

McIntyre McQueen

Specialist, Content Strategy

Ashok Alicom
Ashok Alicom

Lead, Video Production

Bijal Gala
Bijal Gala

Specialist, Results Marketing

Shalesh Palagolla

Manager, Finance

Pooja Lahoti

Specialist, Savvy Social

Principles of our work

Customer focus

At Brandhill, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives our digital marketing success. We offer personalized strategies, data-driven insights, and exceptional service to unlock your business's full potential.


Effective communication is key to success. Our team excels in clear, strategic messaging across all digital channels. Elevate your brand's voice with our expertise.

Complex approach

Our multidimensional approach goes beyond the ordinary. We tackle complex challenges with innovative strategies, cutting-edge technology, and expert insights to deliver exceptional digital marketing results.

Want to join our team? We are hiring!

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