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Case overview

UWorld & Brandhill: Driving Digital Dominance Through SEO

UWorld, a global frontrunner in online learning for high stakes exams since 2003, partnered with Brandhill with a vision to amplify their digital presence and address specific SEO challenges.
Boiling Hot Blog for UWorld

The Brief

UWorld’s digital landscape was marked by the following challenges:

  • Revitalizing SEO Strategy: Despite being an industry leader, UWorld felt the need to rejuvenate their SEO efforts to stay competitive.
  • Ranking Aspirations: Aiming for better search positions for crucial terms like “sat prep,” their goal was to elevate from page ten to the top two pages on Google.
  • Younger Demographic: UWorld aspired to captivate a younger audience, adding vitality to their test prep courses.
  • Brand Awareness & Site Traffic: With diminishing page-one visibility and declining blog traffic, there was an essential need to rejuvenate their outreach and establish stronger brand pillars.

Our Approach

Topic Cluster Methodology: We suggested a structural overhaul by adopting the Topic Cluster approach. This allowed similar content pages to be interlinked under a central theme or umbrella topic, promoting better site navigation and SEO coherence.

Targeted Content Creation: Our content experts devised blog posts catering to previously untapped demographics. Topics like “How to approach big picture questions on SAT?” were introduced to extend UWorld’s organic reach.

Link Building & Website Health: Ensuring a healthy site was paramount. Alongside our link-building efforts, the focus was also on the site’s overall health and functionality.
In-depth SEO Implementation:

  • Identified over 300 potential high-traffic topics.
  • Published content for 180 of these topics between December 2020 to September 2021.
  • SEO enhancement through Meta & Markup optimization across 180 posts, ensuring visibility.
  • Schema optimization to guarantee Position Zero visibility.

The Results

Keyword Mastery:

  • Achieved a 130% growth in top 3 SERP rankings.
  • Since March 2020, UWorld incorporated an impressive 765 keywords in Google’s top 10 search results.
  • Accomplished first-page ranking for 210 keywords, marking a 200% growth post the Topic Cluster initiative.

Traffic Triumphs:

  • An impressive 128% surge in overall organic traffic since the inception of the partnership with Brandhill.
  • A monumental 634% growth in organic traffic for blog pages, owing to the topic cluster strategy.


Growth in top 3 SERP rankings


Surge in overall organic traffic


Growth in organic traffic for blog pages

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